I am already subscribed to Blokely before the membership passes were launched - what happens now?

Just login and upgrade your account. We've migrated you automatically across to a "minimum" membership. Your old log in details will still be 100% valid and should allow you to change your membership in "My Account". Every one of our newsletter subscribers has been sent a promotion code. You can input that code in "My Account" to accrue the offers free period. You'll simply need to login - add the the code and your payment details.

What's the difference between Gift codes and Promo codes?

  • Gift codes can be used to fully access the site for free
  • Promo codes give you a free deferred access period, they require sign up for future membership (at least one membership period must be billed before you can cancel)

Does Blokely have a print version?

No, we are what is known as a "pure-play". We only exist here online or on our other digital editions. To access our great content, you need to join. That's not to say we aren't looking at print.

Why have we launched the membership pass?

Why not read the letter from our Founder if you're curious about this model.

We produce original magazine-grade content across the digital spectrum and to do so, we'll be investing in great writers and digital developments. This digital spectrum is our sole stomping ground, we don't have any print publications. A lot of current internet content is tethered to a print publication, a programme or movie. Other sites focus on gossip and lots and lots of news-related traffic and try to make their money from ads. We believe in quality magazine-grade content, it just happens that we put that on digital platforms.

In order to improve we'll continue to invest in quality content, we're asking for a reasonable amount from readers to fund that. Consider it an investment in something truly positive. We won't waste trees and you don't have to worry about where to put us once you've read the articles online each week, we'll be there on your new tablet device, phone and Kindle. You'll have unlimited access to our efforts for as long as you like. You also have a say because of that relationship - so really, you are in control.

Power to the reader, become Blokely.

What is Blokely?

Prounounced "Blokh-lee" we are a new type of men's lifestyle site and an adjective for irreverance. Everyone says their different, few brands really are, don't you find? We're independent right now and our sole aim is to provide you with some fun, interesting and original content.

Who owns Blokely?

Blokely is owned and operated by The Wonderful Web Ltd, Blokely.com is a trading name.

What more do I get with this membership pass system?

We're bringing in some reinforcements, but essentially, more of the same great Blokely. This has always been part of the plan. Existing readers have been lucky enough to enjoy an extended free trial.

What's good about Blokely?

Unlimited access

More than just the same old repeated news stories. This is original magazine-grade content with unlimited access to our massive archive - the longer you have a pass, the cheaper every item of content gets over time.

Worksafe - the boss won't mind

All our content is designed to be work safe, why not read our charter to find out more on our commitments.

Regular Updates

We're publishing quality content each day. We publish more pages of magazine-grade content per month than some of the most prominent print titles.

Exclusive rewards

We feature exclusive competitions, discounts and incentives - only for those that have a membership pass.

What is, say, the six month pass the equivalent of per month? (give or take a few pence)

  • A pint of cheap beer
  • A medium-sized franchise coffee with some fancy-syrup
  • A cut of pork from the supermarket
  • A two-for-one offer on cartons of smoothie
  • A franchise quarter pound burger
  • A ten pack of any-brand cigarettes

What does a pass get me?

If you are buying a pass to blokely yourself, then you will have unlimited access to the site for the duration of the particular pass you select.

What kind of passes can I get?

We have a range of passes available which should all be fairly self-explanatory.


Unlimited access optionally rolling month on month. Offers a degree of flexibility. For those that keep their options open.


Limited access to our free-to-access stories only, comments require sign in. For those with mild commitment issues.

You'll be added to our friday newsletter which will feature at least one free story each week.

6 month - online exclusive price!

Unlimited access for half the year. For those who ooze loyalty.

Is Blokely only for men?

We aim ourselves at men, but we are for the new reader. We welcome those from every corner of this brave new digital world. Make us stronger, be a digital jedi. You will be loved and cherished and entertained.

Can I buy a pass for someone else?

Yes, of course! That's very nice of you. It makes an affordable and rather different present doesn't it. Kudos. Simply head to any link to our gift and select "Give as a gift". You can opt to send the code directly to them, with a nice message, or only to you. Either way, we'll send you a promotion code in a nice looking email and you can store it as a safeguard, write it into a card or print it off as a surprise. Won't they be lucky!

When will I be billed for my pass?

We'll bill you straight away for your first payment and then we repeat bill you for a continued rolling subscription as long as you tell us that's good for you. The amount of time the billing takes to process depends on your chosen bank.

How do I change or amend my pass?

You can log into your profile at any time, change your details and amend your level of membership. You should look for the "My Account" section. Once there you can simply amend your preferred membership pass in the drop down menu.

Are there ever special offers?

Yes. You might see promotions for Blokely out and about, on other websites or retailers. We'll also be adding extra incentives and giving away discounts going forward.

How do I provide feedback?

You can send us feedback to info[@]blokely.com any time you'd like. Please include your "nickname" full name, a contact number if you'd like us to get back to you.

Can I get a refund?

A what what? Baking powder? You want your 'what' back? Ok. You have a statutory right to a refund within 7 days [weekly passes must be refuned within 48 hours or at a pro-rata rate if you have accrued membership access for a given number of days], in order to do so, you must email us on cancellation@blokely.com with your name, billing address and the approximate date you signed up or all the aforementioned by post to BLOKELY HQ, PO BOX 70781, LONDON, SE1P 4HU.

Passes of any increment are non-refundable once you have committed and accrued access to the site, beyond your statutory right of refund. If you operate a monthly pass you can, of course, pause your access to the site for the next billing period, simply follow the process on the site. As long as the card you used is valid, we will be able to reactivate your membership at any time.

Tell me about account de-activation?

You can effective de-activate a rolling pass to the site at any time, with some fair warning. This will downgrade your account to "minimum" status - that is access to only a handful of stories each month. This means your account stays on record and you can give it CPR anytime you like. We'll keep it safe. You won't be billed, but you do have the flexibility and choice to restart at any time - once you realise what a terrible mistake you've made (and can't sleep at night).

Can I get a refund for fraud?

If you're card has been used fraudulently to get a pass, please contact your bank as soon as you suspect foul play. We don't store your bank details, but we will keep close eyes on our provider - SagePay and review their status regularly. We will be informed by them and you will be subject to their fraud policy.

Can I cancel my 3 or 6 month pass after 7 days?

No, sorry, that would mess with our karma. Given that each pass rolls weekly or monthly, you can only amend it ahead of the next billing (see above: "How do I change my subscription?"). Once you have purchased a pass, you have accrued the given duration of access to the site, essentially a license to access our content. This is non-refundable, our writers need paying. We can't be much fairer than that.

How do i amend my membership?

Every member has an account area and memberships can be amended there. If you'd like to switch to another pass - you can. We've created a quick and fluid interface to make it easy for you to get the best out of membership. If you change a pass "mid-period" your change will not take affect until the end of the period in preparation for the next billing period. I.e The next week or month... and so on.

Do you store my credit card details?

No. We do not ever store your credit card details. Our payment solutions are provided securely by SagePay. When you submit your banking details to us they are actually being sent directly to SagePay, they will send us a digital "token" and this is then used by our autopilot systems to bill your pass with them. SagePay is a secure global platform with millions of customers and businesses using its technology. To find out more about SagePay, click here.

Can someone else use my pass?

No. Cheeky. You can fraudulently give another person access to your account, but if you are discovered, we may pursue you with the hounds and full force of the law. It's not going to be legal for you. It would be a risk for you to share personal details or passwords with other people as well. We'll be watching for cheaters and they won't prosper. We also closely follow and adhere to Money Laundering regulations and undertake regular reviews to ensure we are not being exploited.

How often will new content be published on Blokely?

Daily, but we may horde great content and load it all at once. There will always be plenty of new and high quality content to read. We have regular features and stories as well as ad hoc items we pick up from our content sources. We'll publish dozens of new items every week and at least one "free" item each day. There's already thousands of magazine-grade pieces on the site, so you can search for a subject that interests you.

Will you show me advertisements on paid-for content?

No. Not for member-only content. Unlike magazines, we won't saturate you with reams of advertisement. If you take up a pass, you're supporting a simpler world of content. Our "minimum" content will have the odd ad embedded in it. It's the price you pay for getting it for nothing.

Are we 'big enough' to charge?

That's probably the wrong question. At what point does someone start asking for a wage? We don't believe the ad-funded content is sustainable, or good readers, so we're growing with a sustainable product at a great-value price. Read our Founder's full explanation here.

Why don't lots of other lifestyle "websites" and brands charge for their content?

Lifestyle content publishing is best viewed like golf - we focus on our own game. If they're free, that's their prerogative of course. Our hunch? They don't have the balls to put a value on their product. The ones with print publications save their best for the print editions. They also rely heavily on adverts and are caught in a trap for numbers of "impressions"; charging would rock that boat for them.

Who would win in a fist fight: Rocky or Rambo?

It would be Rambo all the way, he has much less to lose.

Is there a place where all "exes" go?

A town called "Regretville"? Sadly - upon that road lies madness, Sir. It's not how you fall: it's how you get up.

Is Blokely normal?

The human head weighs 8 pounds. Does that cover your concerns?

How can I completely erase my records from Blokely?

You are a crazy paranoid are you? Whilst we understand the importance you place on your identity, we adhere to all statutory laws and outline clearly in our terms what we do with your data. It's nothing sinister, we promise. Nonetheless we are happy to delete your records from our system entirely, so you are clean, but to do this we require an admin fee of £10.00 to pay a munchkin to do it. Time is money, don't you know. Send in a cheque payable to "The Wonderful Wed Ltd" along with a letter explaining your needs by post to BLOKELY HQ, PO BOX 70781, LONDON, SE1P 4HU. Your wish shall be granted.

Did we answer your query?

If you are still in the dark on something, drop us an email info[at]blokely.com or letter BLOKELY HQ, PO BOX 70781, LONDON, SE1P 4HU.