Contribute & work with us:

Look out boys, this sniper's got talent.

We have a great team of writers. Some pros, some pro bonos and some bloggers. We've also got a growing group of marquee writers.

If you're interested in writing for Blokely, we've always got room for more great talent.

We're recruiting!!


If you're a freelancer and have scored a massive scoop or interview - offer it to us. We can't promise we'll take it, but we are looking for more quality content.

Calling student newspaper editors:

We're working on a big project to help develop a new generation of writers.

Blokely is independently run, with us, if you have talent and can build a niche - you could get more creative freedom.

Just email us via the address on this page and put "student rag" in the subject bar.

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A chewed pen is still mightier than a sharpened sword.

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Don't have any experience?

Send in your copy, we'll take a look and at the very least give you a bit of feedback. When we take on inexperienced writers, it's generally on a probationary basis - if you get traffic, you'll get a contract (maybe).

Syndication & journalist database:

We want all the Jedis with us. If you're a freelancer, why don't you drop us your details. All we need is a few contact details, a CV and your specialist subjects. We'll add you to our database and be in touch in the future if any opportunities arrive to work with us.

You can email us, info[@], for any of these subjects.