The trailer that has Hollywood drooling...

Keloid: a movie that simply MUST be made...Where do we post the cheque?

By James York, 7 October 2013

Is there anything that rouses your curiosity more than freaky a murderous robot-mannequin? How about the prospect of an incredibly realistic robot vs. human war raging on the streets?

Taking influence from The Matrix, Transformers and The Terminator franchises comes this creative project - Keloid - that's literally had the R&D guys at Hollywood peeing themselves with excitement. After last week's release on to a creative video hub, Vimeo, the trailer has built up a massive head of viral steam. So much so that many are calling for its creators to be funded and backed to make a proper movie out of the plot you've glimpsed so brilliantly in this trailer.

Created by Big Lazy Robot and directed by the Spaniard J.J. Palomo brilliance is abounds in this three-minute short that took two years to make. And the premise is wonderfully evocative: dedicated to a dystopic future where humanity and artificial intelligence collide once more. Keloid doesn't just look the part - the chances of it being made aren't just the stuff of dreams, Hollywood Reporter and lifestyle hub Fast Company have both confirmed that Hollywood heavyweights are rumoured to be picking up the phone with offers.

Let's hope that, for the sake of the science-fiction genre, this vision of brilliance gets the treatment it deserves and a screenwriter worthy of note. Judging by some of the daft crap that's emerged from Hollywood in recent years, here's one movie that demands attention and makes you insist, "I want to see that, now!". And it's not even been made. (Yet.)


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