[Updated 13/4/2012]

Right now, we are mostly interested in....


  • New gadget technology and design brands
  • "Geeks" to interview and add value to our new section
  • Books and longer form copy to serialise in our amazing Kindle edition
  • Grooming gadgets
  • Video content
  • Interviews with celebrities endorsing your products
  • High value "experience" competitions
  • More brands to participate in our tribe technology

Grooming shoots

We're now holding two monthly shoots, get in touch with to find out which shoots are being called in now.

Style Shoots

We commissioned our first shoot in March and will be calling in more product for the end of each month's shoot.

Brand level:

  • Brands to offer our membership "added value"
  • Brands to "distribute" our product, offering or hosting "on pack" discount offers
  • Content partners for long-term content product (think Grantland and Subway)
  • Content rights

We've become metered!

We've become metered, find out more about it here.

Under our new membership structure:

  • Our "dwell time" tripled
  • Our "bounce rate" halved
  • We made more revenue

It is as we suspected. Membership was the right move, better implemented sooner, rather than later. But we want to now build on this model and extend our reach.

Our next mission: build on this platform.

We have evaluated the membership changeover. Naturally, there are things we would like to have done differently. We've progressed the model to give browsers more chance to enjoy the product.

Your feedback is most welcome.


What are we thinking, doing, needing?

Come back to this page each day/week/month [delete as appropriate] and find out what we're working on... Simples.

How are we doing?

Traffic under the original membership reduced by 50% or more month on month. But, revenue increased.

We've therefore implemented a "best of both worlds" policy and introduced a metered system to allow speculative browsers to surf their fill of content. We expect numbers to return to higher growth levels alongside our more robust membership system.

Mankind offer Blokely readers a discount!

We're delighted to welcome an off from Mankind for our membership.

This offer is available for all new members and selected mailing lists.


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