Quique launches with eye watering product (and price tags)

A brand joining the 'Handmade in Britain' renaissance.

By James York, 29 November 2013

Will your new year's resolution be to look handmade? To dress in British made quality? Perhaps. Either way, we're compelled to introduce you to the rather impressive new British brand, QUIQUE.

Pitching themselves as a Men's Knitwear all their product is hand made in the United Kingdom.Here are some beautifully crafted example pieces from their our 16-item strong AW14 collection to keep you toasty and stylish.

QUIQUE (pronounced Key-Kay ) is starting life as a boutique operation with a focus on the high (very high) end bespoke handmade Knitwear.Designed by Ipswich School of Art Alumni and London College of Fashion, Mary Davis, they boast all the hallmarks of a career spent working with leviathans such as Ralph Lauren, Mulberry, Paul Stewart NY, and a range under her own name at Barney's and Neiman Marcus in the USA.

The brand claims that "there is a distinctive quality to handmade knitwear lost in the uniformity of a machine knit." And we'd be inclined to agree. This is one brand, though, that's financially out of reach for many a menswear buyer - so we hope they get snapped up by some more affordable outlets for future limited edition concessionary lines. Whilst we're happy to heap praise on the quality of design and the uniquely British DNA of the brand, we can't deny the prices make us wince.

They say you pay for what you get, but we'd want a weekend away or trip to the piste for this price tag. That said, there is a market for this product and, we hope, their success in that niche will draw their product nearer to a price tag we feel fits more with the blokely mentality.

For now, we'll look on and give a big 'thumbs up', whilst politely shuffling away to spend our tuppence and ha'penny elsewhere. You, however, might think differently once that bonus clears.



Suffolk - £660


Racka - £720


Churra - £720