Penhaligon's Iris Prima / £120

A richer, more evocative purveyor of classic Victorian-influenced perfumery may not exist. This is a brand that takes olfactory decadence to seductive new heights. We respect and pay homage to a brand that ensures that the qualities of an English gentleman permeate from the very base notes of their range. Iris Prima, inspired by the National Ballet features a citrus top note that collides blissfully with Jasmine at it's heart until the deeper rumble of leathery vanilla and sandalwood settle at its base. Luxury never smelt so unique.

one model nation

Braun CoolTec / (from) £99

We all know how the friction of electric shaves can lead to rashes, redness and ingrown hairs. Braun combat this by incorporating some snazzy electro-ceramic cooling technology to their new tool. The blades are also specially designed to work with a face where the hair is growing in several directions. Two variants of this sexy new dry electric shaver exist: a self-cleaning docked version, and a more stripped down, simple relative. Either product is sure to help keep your face looking temperate, rather than death valley.


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la muscle

LA Muscle - Six Pack Toner / £29.99

Ok, we hear you, this is a weird thing to suggest you buy. But if, like us, your summer was less Bondi Beach and more Boozy Beach, your abs may be languishing below a rubbery layer of wobble. You must not let them fester further over winter. It's in this regard that we're game to try anything - within scientific reason. This product isn't purely cosmetic, it's designed to encourage your body to release fatty acids and claims to reduce abs circumference by up to 2cms - which is a heck of a lot. We're testing it now, and will be honest (via twitter) if it crashes and burns. Promise.

one model nation

Reiss Black Oudh / £49

Reiss haven't ventured into the world of men's smells before, so we're always nervous when a brand dabbles with the unknown. But this effort is a fine debut. Oudh is one of our favourite ingredients and forms part of a base that's preceded by a fresh introduction to woody ensemble of heart notes. A fragrance that draws from all the virtues of vetiver, sequoia, Sage and Amber bound together by the musk and Oudh. Terrific stuff and, for those that watch their wallet, far cheaper than Dolce & Gabbana's epic creation.