Burberry Brit Rhythm: Patriotic and Loud

The first of the new in-house produced Burberry fragrance

James York, 9 September 2013

Burberry are set for an all-out assault on the fragrance market. Their goal? To get as many debonair men as possible stepping out with Burberry Brit Rhythm splashed on. It's their new signature scent.

We think, when all the facets are combined, they've got a strong shot with this one. But not because it's anything special or original. Their advantage will lie in the sheer volume and intensity of the lifestyle they attach to this product - their brand adds weight.

As you'd expect, the product is brilliantly executed. Where previous fragrance flacons from Burberry have felt light, even "interim", this feels like an identity they can progress, a trend creator, and in a package that will inspire men to rally behind it. (As much as one can rally behind a fragrance, obviously.)

With Rhythm come a range of products, that include the usual shower gels through to iPad cases. That certainly makes the product more of a lifestyle choice.

But it's the promotion campaign that will tip it into greater success. Whilst not particularly original in its strategy, it does highlight the lengths brands are willing to go to for that all important first, and successful, impression. They want you to think their product is luxurious, unique and worn by the great and the good. And they're going to play you music, run silhouette ads in every magazine you can shake a stick at, until you agree. [We've embedded the YouTube of the campaign, so take a look.]

The fragrance, how it sniffs:

It's good. The first fragrance to be created by the brand since they took the process in-house. But it's not quite epic. These days when a brand like Burberry launches a new product - cosmetic or fashion - you expect your socks to be blown off, revolution to ensue. Our reaction was one of mild indifference - which in itself is probably unfair. It's a really good fragrance. It does contain notes of prominence, a fougére core. It's basil notes do evolve and the woodier heart lingers within. There also remains a cardamon accord that's quite sharp.

That said, our personal tastes may differ from yours. Burberry Brit Rhythm is certainly packaged nicely and, oddly, spraying from a stylish flacon is almost a placebo in itself. The accords and notes within are more than average, they are better than competent - we just wanted blow your mind.

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Burberry Brit, the new fragrance

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