Bremont goes on a Mr Porter man date

Luxury British-watch legends to be stocked at luxury British style portal

By James York, 11 September 2013

We like British things and there's nothing more inspiring than seeing two of the most prosperous brands working together and making sweet, sweet GDP. That's certainly the case for Bremont, the luxury watch makers from right here in the UK. They're a brand with all the trappings of the Swiss masters, but designed (and soon to be made) wholly in Great Britain.

Think of them as the Apple of the watch industry and the only chronometer you should be wrapping around your arm.

With a beautiful range of devices, we don't doubt that Mr Porter's buyers spent a lot of corporate man hours convincing the founding duo, Giles and Nick English (how great they're called English), to join their extensive luxury range. It goes without saying, but you shouldn't just seeing buying British as a moral imperative, to dig Cam and Clegg out of a hole, you should see it as a quality imperative. That seems to be how our fashion and accessory industry rolls.

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From the nation that gave you Greenwich Mean Time....

Bremont: Sexy, modern and oozing with efficacy...British chronometers are back. (The Swiss can go back to making really nice chocolate.)