Temporary Free Access To Blokely - Surely It Must Be A Dream?

Agency access free/frozen for 6 months

No, it isn't. We repeat: THIS IS NOT A DREAM. Commercially viable content partners will be able to access for the price of a cup of council pop. We work with so many agencies, some that only work with digital, across a broad spectrum of sectors, that it will be an uneccessary diversion to pitch our new model to you, when all you need is a screen grab.

We've also built a new PR page so you can target your enquiries and data drops more effectively. When you call us, you'll have a better idea of what floats our armada.

Rightly, our focus is on making our platform "best in class" for our readers, so for a temporary period, agencies wishing to review our content for commercial and related content development activity are able to access the site for a gratis corporate rate. It's easier this way.

We've always valued PRs and press contacts at and that's why we're giving you the chance to access our site for six whole months - once reviewed, our corporate subscriptions will kick in.

Our readers are both free "organic" readers and dedicated members, so you'll naturally be ethically obliged to ensure your access furnishes them with great, original and innovative content - all left to us and adjusted with our unique editorial independence.

To gain agency access to the site is either e-mail us at or call the team on 0207 960 5100 and put in an official request for PR user codes which are available in bundles of five.

Abuse of this system will be cracked down upon with custard pies, flaming crapbags and other such juvenile acts of revenge - you have been warned. If our plans - which are slightly top secret - should fall into the Emperor's hands, it would spell the end of the rebellion.

Many thanks,

Blokely HQ.


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