Stone-Dri: Outerwear Revival

Salford-based brand returns after 35 years

By Chris Mandle, 18 November 2011

Resurrection can be both a brilliant and a dangerous thing - villains being brought to life in flimsy film sequels: dangerous. But bringing back classic brands steeped in heritage: brilliant.

While we like shopping on the high street for affordable gear, there's nothing worse than feeling like you're buying into the same thing as everything else. But independent brands often can't make enough money to sustain themselves, as was the case with Stone-Dri in the seventies.

Not to be confused with Stone Island (expensive mod gear) and Superdry (checks, checks and more checks), Stone-Dri was founded in Salford in the 1940s and started by selling waterproof mac-style jackets.

They advertised in Man Utd and Man City programs (Stone-Dri don't like to take sides) and their retail empire flourished until the seventies, when the collections fell out of fashion and the brand disappeared.

Now they've been revived with a new collection of autumnal utility wear that's very on trend. Waxed cotton jackets, chunky wool knits and deconstructed outerwear in shades like gun metal, olive and cobalt (that's grey, green and blue for those not in the know). It's all very earthy and outdoorsy which, given how bloody freezing it is at the moment, is definitely a good thing.

The trick to pulling off utility wear is don't go overboard - you'll resemble someone who likes to hoof it up steep hills in their spare time, and no-one likes hanging out with that guy. No-one.

Instead, try wearing one or two pieces with your usual clobber - a pair of hiking boots look stylish with dark jeans and a jumper, while you can wear a waterproof zip-up anorak over your suit on the commute to work.


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