The Bally Range with a wintry bite

By James York, 5 September 2013

Bally, the Swiss fashion brand, have had somewhat of a renaissance in recent years. Despite boasting a brand with heritage coming out of its every pore, and the reputation for quality workmanship, the company was in danger of losing its core market.

But step up a new creative team and a couple of years later, you have a brand that consistently woos the glitterati and fashionista on the AW/SS circuit following men's designer's around the world, scrutinising their every stitch.

It's always been their footwear that's caught our eye. And this stack of new Injection Moulded Lug Sole Brogue shoes epitomises that captivation.

Sure, their technical name is about as user-friendly as your GP's handwriting, but that doesn't matter. Refined, considered and simply interpreted, this range combines a traditional cuoio lather sole with a modern rubber accomplice. Normally found on your average hiking boot, Bally's employ of the material creates a product with elegant strength.

Hard wearing, built to last and finely crafted, this range is one to break your usual budget on.

Consisting of an oxford shoe and ankle boot, the collection is crafted from calf leather that is entirely hand- coloured and hand-finished in rich seasonal colours such as ‘Marrone’, ‘Rosso’ and ‘Petrolio’. So if you're shoes are more fog than polish, step up that line of credit and make an investment you won't regret. We're not saying it won't dink your bank balance, we're just saying you pay for what you get.

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