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5 Ways With Shearling

Keeping ewe warm

By Chris Mandle, 10 January 2012

Post-Christmas, it's always naïve of us to assume the worst is over. In fact, this winter was so much milder than usual we've half a mind to guess it's going to get pretty cold before Spring rears its fluffy head. So layer up with shearling-lined clothes to really trap the warmth in.

Shearling is traditionally a sheepskin that goes through a limited shearing process in order to retain depth, and has recently seen a surge of popularity on aviator-style jackets, lined hats and gloves or boots for an extra layer of comfort.

Interestingly, sheepskin is naturally flame resistant - hold a match to sheepskin and it will char for a brief moment before the match extinguishes itself. It's also hypoallergenic, so there'll be no sneezing (unless you have a cold).