Autopublish: a unique technology for fashion and movie PR

Frictionless platform designed to collate #lookbooks and movie #trailers

By Blokely HQ, 1 October 2013

oliver sweeney

The content output from brands and PR agencies is already reaching epic proportions and there's only one way it's headed. (Up.)

Instead of burying our heads in the sand and hoarding editorial page space, we're looking into the future. And that future is going to be embraced through collaboration and aggregation - by "platformifying" (Yes, we just made that up.)

We run original content, regularly. Hosting shoots that we pay for using original talent and new breakthrough photographers. For our entertainment section, we review movies we like and host a news feed for all the gossip. We're trying to create a great mix of content.

But, you know what? We'd be the first to admit that we miss out on a lot. The news that floods in is too much for our tiny brains to process. And that, people, just won't do. We want our consumers to see all that great brand content and we want to host it for you, too.

So, we built a new platform and, frankly, a quite revolutionary editorial technology to make sure we do just that.

How does it work?

Using a really simple text document (that's one without CSS styling, like Word adds) that you edit with copy & paste, you can email your images and content straight to an email address. That then gets "parsed" by our clever robots and put live on a tab on site.

Add image attachments (of a certain file dimension size and resolution) to your email and, hey presto, our system will publish them all live onto Blokely's new #lookbook tab.

There's more, too. Movie trailers and videos can be sent by our colleagues to an exclusive new #trailers tab as well. Again, using a simple template document that you only need to amend.

It's revolutionary, it's amazeballs.

What does it cost?

Nothing, it's free. We're unlocking this technology for agencies or brands that we know, respect and understand. We're not giving it to everybody!

How long does it take to use?

Minutes. If you have images of the right dimensions (massive images are rubbish...), a youtube handle and a keyboard, you'll pretty much be set. The first time is always nerve-wracking, but you'll take to it easily. It's about as simple as it gets.

Teaching you to use it will also be quick - we've put together a little training pack and example screengrabs. Plus, James is on hand to talk you through it, or show your agency as one! He's nice like that.

How do you start?

You email and ask! We need to know:

  • The email addresses you'd like to publish from
  • The brands you intend to publish on our platform
  • You won't spam the tab with too much content!

We look forward to hearing from you, people.

Scroll to the foot of this image or go to Blokely's homepage to see an example of our Beta #lookbook and #trailers tabs.

auto publish tab


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