The Walking Dead - Season 2, £25.99

Egg has come a long way since the bonking exploits of cult drama This Life. He now leads a posse of survivors as they dodge flesh-eating zombies unleashed in this apocalyptic near-future. Adapted from a cult comic novel series of the same name, this compelling series explodes into suspense, action and drama. A must see, a must love. Don't concern yourself about missing series 1, you'll get the gist pretty quickly. (Run.)


The Darkness - Hot Cakes

It's been a roller coaster ride for the boys that reinvented catsuits and all-in-one stadium rock. Almost the perfect record, The Darkness' debut could hardly be followed. This pressure and the trappings of fame caused a rock 'n' roll implosion that made Pete Doherty look like a private school toff starved of his father's love. Thankfully, the squealers put their differences behind them. Particularly joyous is the hard rock version of Radiohead's Street Spirit (Fade Out) - prepare for face melting solos.

the grid

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By Blokely HQ, 23 August 2012


Stuart Adamson: In A Big Country

The Skids and Big Country mightn't have been to everybody's taste but few could dispute the talent and power of singer/guitarist Stuart Adamson. Allan Glen's intimate study of this true Scottish original has already been acclaimed by Bruce Springsteen. To say that we're with 'The Boss' on this one would be a huge understatement. A superb book about a man who was talented as he was under-appreciated.

the cold light of day

The Cold Light Of Day, £9

Henry Cavill (aka Superman) is joined in his first real taste of big-screen action (briefly) by Bruce Willis in this fast-paced kidnap thriller. Supported by the ever square-jawed Sigourney Weaver, the movie threatens more twist than plot. While it wasn't a hit on the big screen there's enough entertainment here for any Sunday film-fest. But don't expect too much, cerebral it is not. Action and confusion it is.