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Men still don't multitask

By James York, January 2011.

This is the New Blokely website.

Blokely is an independent men's lifestyle platform. We're the place where you'll find realistic ideas, innovative content and achievable style. We're also striving to be a hub for all things worth knowing in 2011. It doesn't matter what magazines you read right now - more's the better - make sure one of them is and you won't be disappointed. Promise.

If you were a regular throughout our inaugural year of life, then you'll notice a lot has changed. First time visitor? Welcome stranger - make friends by subscribing and talking to us...

So what's changed?

There's more than just lovely new branding. Under the hood, we have a more flexible and powerful system to create and display great content - that means we can get more online, quickly. We've got all the features you'd expect as standard, from comment sections through to galleries and every kind of "widget" you could possible want. Video, sound and opinion are all included. We've put so much more in, you'll just have to keep coming back to discover it all. There are also more features in the pipeline.

new writers - new dawn

We've already been featuring original content from Ryan Sidebottom throughout the ashes- it was a shame our new site wasn't quite ready for him. He'll be back though, we hope.

Olly Barkley (Bath and England elite rugby dude) and Josh Howie (stand up comedian and intellectual powerhouse) are also joining our expanding team for the start of 2011.

Josh will be writing our weekly column, Olly every other week. There'll be profiles going up for each of our new writers giving you a bit more substance about what you can expect.

We haven't stopped there though. No, our transfer activity is ongoing and we'll hopefully be announcing a couple of other lovely new faces in the next couple of months. If you see a suspicious looking man, with a sheepskin coat on, carrying bags of swag through Soho (London), that's our Blokely talent scout. Granted, it could also be Ron Atkinson.

Conversational core

You'll notice that "Join the ride" or "Spread the word" modules will pop up here and there. These appear in sections and within stories. If you want to follow us on Twitter, become a fan on Facebook, track our story feed on Digg or simply get on the "new" newsletter - then the "join the ride" (or subscribe) is the hub for you.

founder bloke

Image: Yeah, as if he reads.

If you just like what we have to say or think it's tosh and want to get some second opinions on the go - then we've built a share panel for you. This has all the standard social media shizzle on it - posting on Facebook, Twitter and Digg - plus an email to a friend function.

Add to that our comments functionality and poll/questionnaire modules and you have a conversational core at the heart of the site. Delivering engagement through social media is our biggest focus. We're on Twitter and Facebook to chat and show you we're human. Get involved - if you have ideas for content or gripes about our general persona, you can get in touch.

Thanks to the academy...

New websites this big don't just happen by themselves. I'd like to give a massive virtual high five to the creative lads who helped out and were instrumental in the relaunch - Jordan, Matt and their crew - they earned their magic beans.

Blokely also has two fantastic sub editors (both Sam) working on the content from our growing legion of writers. They have been tirelessly working and turning over copy for the new site.

Enjoy New Blokely - it will revert back to being called plain old Blokely on!


Founder Bloke


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