Lottery bets – completely senseless but good fun

A quick thought and collaborative post

Created By LottoLand, November 2013


Let’s be honest; buying a lottery ticket of any sort makes absolutely no sense whatsoever. So why do so many of us do it all the time? The simple answer is, of course, that it brings with it the chance of winning a truly life-changing amount of money. But the chances of such a win are so remote as to be barely worth consideration – and the real reason so many of us buy so many tickets may be a deeper, more fundamental part of human nature.

When you were little – did you spend large amounts of time talking with your mates about what you’d spend the money on if you had a large win on the football pools? Many of us did – and the conversations were so magical and went on for such long periods of time that it was almost like we’d already won. The planned expenditure usually involved cars, luxury pads, speedboats and the like – basically anything to impress a young boy’s yearning for speed and excitement and, post-puberty, anything to impress the girls.

And perhaps it’s the thrill of the dream that so many of us enjoy so much which helps explain the different lotteries’ success? These days, there are various draws to choose from. It’s no longer as simple as buying a National Lottery ticket for a quid at the newsagents. Today, the tickets are two quid anyway, and you can buy them online (which helps make sure you don’t miss a win or lose a winning ticket) and you can bet on Europe's favourite lotto, too, with some mind-bogglingly large prizes; prizes which really do allow you to indulge your wildest fantasies.

And that’s really why we all do it – we enjoy the thrill of thinking what we’d do – and there’s nothing wrong with that as long as you never gamble more than you can comfortably afford to throw away, because, with a 50% return in prizes, that’s what we’re all doing.


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